Tuesday, October 19, 2010

first things first

Let me just put this out there right away...I don't like to write...I really. don't. like. it. 

I lack eloquence and wit, and am insanely jealous of my sister-in-law who has a way with words. Somehow she perfectly captures and paints her thoughts as precisely as van gogh painted starry night. So, now that I've got my dirty little secret of disliking writing out on the table...what I do enjoy is taking pictures. Pictures of anything and everything...You name it and I'll photograph it. It's been a growing passion over the past couple years, and added with Dan's gift for videography, we've taken our hobby to the next level, and it's been quiet the ride so far. 

So why start a blog when I have a fear of writing and making a fool of myself through these words? Don't expect any witty or profound writing here, but a display of our favorite things, our work and our interpretations of this journey called life. 

And because my first official post cannot be without a photograph, I leave you with a few images from our recent trip to Haiti. where the children are beautiful, and the people's faith is beyond anything I've ever experienced. 


  1. Denise... I love you! Where you are "jealous" of my writing I in turn am "jealous" of your photography! We cancel each other out! Welcome to the blogging addiction!
    P.S. You are not a bad writer at all... the above is actually quite good...seriously!

  2. Ah, very nice Denise! I agree with Jamie, nice writing so far. And of course great pics. Love ya!