Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slow Motion

This weekend was just what I needed. It's as if the days went in slow motion, no set schedule, and doing only one thing at a time. I know- it sounds too simple, but I often find myself perfecting the art of multi-tasking to the point that I forget what it's like to simply do one thing. at. a. time. 

And while I'm great at checking things off my never-ending 'list', my mind is constantly wandering to my next 'to do' that I miss out on the present moment. Maybe that's why life felt as if it was moving in slow motion this weekend...because I focused on the present, and nothing beyond. My soul feels truly rested and ready for the days ahead.


  1. Your post made me take a deep breath and remember to just STOP the racing around. Mostly in my head. Having a nursing baby requires that I spend countless minutes (hours?) just SITTING and the entire time my mind is racing with what I SHOULD be doing instead of sitting. Thanks for the reminder that the To Do List isn't the all important dictator of my life. :-)