Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Christmas in November

Yesterday I got the phone call, they arrived! I felt like it was Christmas morning, you know, that moment you wake up as a kid and CAN....NOT....WAIT...for the rest of your family to wake up so you can open your presents?  Ok, maybe not that excited, but pretty close.

I bet your wanting to know what's oh-so-important? We finally pulled the trigger and designed and ordered new business cards. We designed, tweaked, re-designed and re-tweaked some more. Who knew you could spend SOO much time and energy on a 2x3.5 card? As you'll see, we went with the less is more concept- so here's to keepin' it simple. 

Let's just say I'm a very happy girl with our new business cards. As much as I hate it when people say this...I heart our new cards.

Thank you to & Mr. UPS, you have made my day.

And to you? Don't be surprised if you get one of these thrust into your little hands the next time we see you, I love 'em that much.

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  1. Nice! You def. have an eye for graphic design